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First rural co-working & co-living space in Estonia
Peaceful & inspiring environment + pure & clean nature = creative working atmosphere
Located in the small village of Jursi on the island of Saaremaa.
Limited number of guests per month!

Due to the uncertanty of COVID-19 we are not opened in 2021.

What is co-living?

Co-living is a new way of living and working in cities or rural parts of the world. The main focus is building communities and benefiting from the diversity that emerges inside these places. This new energy and creativeness can be very essential for starting new ideas, improving projects, building businesses or developing an individual. 

island saaremaa

Saaremaa is one of the biggest island in the Baltic sea and the biggest in Estonia. It is a very popular tourist destination during the summer – many festivals and cultural activities take place here. 

The capital is Kuressaare and the total population of the island is estimated around 32000. Amongst good infrastructure and lots of interesting activities you can still find quiet and “off grid” places for working and resting. Come and see it for yourself.

iLand coworking & coliving

A place in the rural parts of Estonian countryside with everything you need to live, work, be creative and meet new like-minded people. Develop your business or mind  in more than 100 year old ranch complex with huge apple garden, fields, old barns, windmill and traditional Estonian sauna. Perfect for team offsite or remote working. We can accommodate 35 people. 

iLand is for freelancers, entrepreneurs, teams,  digital nomads and everybody who are seeking to get inspiration, new ideas and contacts. The rules of working are changing. Live and work under the same roof with other professionals and get an very unique social experience. 


I was born in a small town called Pärnu but all my childhood summers I have spent on the island of Saaremaa. My family bought the farm here in mid 1996. We quickly realized that this place was too big just for our family summer home and we decided to start welcoming guests.

After my studies in Denmark and US I wanted to come back home and do something here. Since 2013 I have been involved in some startups, launched and owned Estonias first zero-waste shop Paljas Pala and launched Pärnu’s first co-working hub Forwardspace.

And as I love Saaremaa and our family summer home I decided to create Estonias first rural co-living and co-working space there as well. 

So I welcome you to Iland co-living and co-working to get a unique experience and unusal way to live and work together with different like-minded people. 

Silver iland weeb

Silver Smeljanski


iland provides you

Beautiful nature

Shared kitchen

High speed wifi


Book your stay now!

€25 / a Night per person

day or two

This is for people who would  just like to get the first taste of this place and community. For example feel free to come just for the weekend and get to know us. You can come alone or with teams. Staying up to 3 nights is 25€ per person. 

  • Includes staying in a shared room or by agreement get ai couples room
  • Includes everything on the list
PS! Limited number of guests per month
*9% VAT will be added to the end amount.

€20 / a Night per person

week or more

We highly recommend to stay at least one week to get the real feeling of the place and get the best out of it. You can come alone or with teams. And as we can only accommodate limited number of people per month please send your inquiry early. Staying more than 3 nights is 20€ per person. 

  • Includes staying in a shared room or by agreement get a couples room
  • Includes everything on the list
PS! Limited number of guests per month
*9% VAT will be added to the end amount.

How to find us?

If you come from Tallinn

Option 1: Bus

Take the bus from Tallinn Coach Station to Kuressaare Coach Station BUT BUY THE TICKETS TO  VALJALA.
Tickets cost between 12€-15€ (including ferry ticket). You can find the bus tickets here. Same goes from every other bus station in Estonia.

PS! But please let us know if you are coming by bus. We’ll pick you up from the station and drive you to iLand Co-Working. There are very few busses from Valjala to us. 

Option 2: Car

Just put our location in to your phone or GPS device and drive to Virtsu port and take the ferry to Kuivastu port.
The car ticket is 8.40€ from Monday to Thursday and on Saturday. Friday and Sunday the ticket costs 12.60€. Every person costs 3€ extra to the car ticket.
You can find the tickets here 

Option 3: Plane

You can also take a plane from Tallinn airport to Kuressaare airport. Tickets cost between 26€-35€. You can find the tickets here.

 If you land in Kuressaare  take a coach from Kuressaare bus station to Valjala. These tickets cost between 2.50€-5€. 

You can find the tickets here.

Option 4: From Riga

If you land on Riga airport take a bus or taxi to Riga Couch Station and buy ticket to Pärnu.
Tickets cost between 12€-16€. When you arrive at Pärnu switch buses and take the bus to Kuressaare but BUY THE TICKETS TO VALJALA .Tickets cost between 9€-12€. 

You can find both tickets (Riga-Pärnu and Pärnu to Valjala) from here.